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Air-Lock Value Pack (VP)

       We are excited to introduce the all new Value Pack.


We listened to everyone who requested we re-release the various products available at the Air-Lock launch, and we are happy to announce that some will return in the new Value Pack. Sold in kit form, the VP will allow you to build either a Standard Clamp, Wrecking Ball, Brake, or Extender Retrofit from the included parts. You decide how you want it..! 


Girth and length in one package!


With the Value Pack (VP) you now have the option of building several devices in one package. Please note only one device can be built at a time. Devices are NOT designed for stealth, the air line must remain plugged into the fitting.


Build a Standard Clamp, and it can be used by itself or with the average vacuum penis pump for clamping (girth) sessions. Entry level clamp, standard pressure. See our Python Clamp for serious 2 stage clamping.

Build a Wrecking Ball, and hang, All Day Stretch (ADS) , stretch straight out with a rope and pulley, stick weights to the outer frame, or attach to an extender frame. So many possibilities...!

Build a Brake, and attach weight above it on the shaft or attach the hanger hook to make a shorter Wrecking Ball.

Modular Design: Mix, match, and experiment with parts to build YOUR own unique device.


Kit assembly: Shipped as a kit, the Value Pack offers everything pictured to build several device configurations to best fit your needs.

Skin Safe Silicone: Unlike the cheap toys you may find online made from toxic chemicals, all components are made from the same type of silicone featured in Hollywood special effects makeup.!

Shockloader: Forget hand exercises or cable clamps to shockload (break down) and weaken tissues before your length stretching sessions. The clamp configutation squeezes tight from the start to create micro-tears more effectively for the most effective stretching sessions.

Smooth Seal: No hard points to p