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Wrecking Ball 3.0

The famous Wrecking Ball is back, now with all new Air-Lock technology..!  The WB 3.0 means business with all new features. No more fussing with padding…..just slip it on, pump, and go..!  (Patent Pending)

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Opening width

Weight (without hanger)

Weighted frame

Hanger attachment

Max payload on hanger

Stealth capable?

Suggested erect girth

Quick disconnect 

Unit cost (W/O Shipping, etc)


3” (76.2MM)

2.25” (57.15MM)

2” (50.8MM)

8 Ounces (US)



10/20 lbs


6” (152.4MM)


$175 (US)


2.5” (63.5MM)

2.25” (57.15MM)

1.5” (38.1MM)

2 pounds (US)



5 lbs


4.75” (121MM)


$140 (US)

Measure Before Ordering


Before ordering, measure your erect shaft girth. Use a tailor's tape or string to measure your base or mid-shaft circumference. The device is suggested for men who are more than 4.75 inches (121MM) in erect circumference.  Those with under 4.75 inches (121MM) erect circumference should see the JackHammer ADS device. 


Operation Instructions


-Any observation of numbness, tingling, excess coldness, or color changes to blue/black should not be ignored and are signs to release air pressure and remove the device as soon as possible. Restore circulation before continuing to use product. Be aware of your feet and objects beneath the device during operation. 

1. Make sure the knob is set to the OFF (left, counter-clockwise position) and all air has left the device.

2. Be partly or fully soft/flaccid to insert into the device.  Device should be used dry. You can use soapy water to aid with lubrication for insertion, but be sure to dry off fully. Using lotions may cause slippage during operation.

3. If uncircumcised (uncut), be sure the foreskin is covering the head (glans) and insert it into the opening. The head will pop out of the foreskin on the other side of the clamp opening.  If circumcised, use two fingers to compress and pull the head through the device opening.  Soapy water can be used to lubricate the device opening for easier insertion.  Remember to dry off the water before step 4. 

4. Slide the device all the way down to the shaft base, resting at the bottom. 

5. Gently turn the knob to the ON (right, clockwise position) to close the air valve. Do not overtighten the knob as it can damage the air valve.

6. Slightly pump the clamp's air bulb to form a seal around the shaft. Observe for leakage or misalignment.

7. Pump the air bulb until a solid grip pressure is felt on the shaft. No pain should be felt. NEVER pump to maximum pressure!

8. Gently apply tension to test grip strength before adding any weight or letting it hang by itself from the shaft. 

9.  Carefully lower the weight, testing the grip strength as its lowered.  Be aware of your feet and other objects beneath the weight and protect as needed.  Load the device one pound at a time if you are just starting out. The device is meant for long hours of wear, so avoid the temptation to use more than 4-6 lbs. The best use is just enough force to feel soreness at the base while wearing. Loading more weight does not speed up results and can potentially cause injury.

10.  Do not adjust device air pressure unless pressure loss or slippage is felt. If you begin to get erect while wearing, release the air pressure and let it pass and focus on the rection subsiding. Do not get fully erect in the device if possible. If sitting, hang the device over the edge of the chair to keep constant tension.  

11. Be on constant watch for any signs of pain, tingling, numbness, excess cold, or color changes to blue/black. Should you sense any of these signs, release air pressure and remove the device immediately to restore circulation. As you become familiar with the device, releasing just the air pressure will work to restore circulation. If sitting, hang the device over the edge of the chair to keep constant tension.  The device works best while standing/walking when worn under clothing.  

12.  To remove, use soapy water around the opening and shaft for lubrication.  Wash device before re-use with mild dish washing liquid, no hard chemicals that may damage silicone.  Remember to wash your device to avoid bacteria growth and avoid urinary tract infections.

Suggested usage                                       

-Take good measurements and even photos before you begin to compare your progress to.


-Time under tension is key.  Strive for as many hours as you can under tension, avoiding rest days when possible.


-Remove the device once an hour to check things and restore circulation, at least until you become familiar with the device's operation.


-Avoid the temptation to load on high weight, as it will only increase the likelihood of strengthening your ligaments and make ongoing results less likely to occur.


-Start with only 1-2 lbs, working up to 4-5 lbs as your body adapts to the weight.  Over the course of long hours, soreness will begin to occur to the point of being uncomfortable and burning at the base and shaft may also be observed. This is normal, and to be expected with ongoing growth. 

-Allow 4-6 weeks of constant use before beginning to measure for results. Measure at the beginning of each month and only adjust your weight/time under tension if you are not seeing results changing from one month to the next. 

-Above all, be patient and understand that PE is a slow process.  Treat it like a lifestyle or hobby that you devote time to, like any other hobby. 

Tips and Tricks

Any numbness, tingling, excess coldness, or color change to blue/black should not be ignored and are signs to remove the device as soon as possible. 

The device is best worn with dry skin.

ALWAYS wash hands and devices before beginning a PE session to avoid urinary tract infections

Avoid performing any manual stretching, since it will strengthen the ligaments and tissues, making your device less likely to be effective. 

Never wear while sleeping or impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Color changes to blue or black indicate lack of oxygen and to remove the device immediately. 

Do not pump to excess pressure, and never to the point of pain.  The device should hold on without pain.

Trim pubic hair and avoid using lubrication to avoid slippage.

Time under tension is key.  The longer it can be worn the better the results.


Strive for at least 2 hours wear daily with as few off days as possible for optimum wear. 

An Air-Lock Clamp worn for a few minutes before wearing the JackHammer can help weaken tissues and improve length progress, referred to as ShockLoading in the PE world





The Wrecking Ball

The PE world's first air pressure Hanger/All Day Stretcher (ADS) for hobby penis enlargement (PE) work. No more blisters from vacuum cup hangers or extenders, fussing with padding or silicone sleeves, crushing your shaft with clamp hangers, needing the exact right size girth, or figuring out complex installation instructions.  Just insert, pump, and go!. 


Simple: The device is designed for ease of use, with a focus on new PE users. Operation is one handed, universal, with a single knob to control pressure. Built strong for long all day stretching sessions.

Strong: Now with 2 stages.  Stage 1 is rated for 10 lbs, Stage 2 is rated for 20 lbs for those who like to compression hang. Simply disassemble the device and place the second sleeve on top of the first, then reassemble to use. 

Fast installation and removal: Included Quick On Kit allows for fast on/off operation. The kit uses your vacuum pump (brake bleeder pump) to pull air out of the Wrecking Ball, widening the opening for easier insertion. Kit can be used on Python as well.  PUMP IS NOT INCLUDED. 

Versatile: Attach adhesive weights (sold separately) into the frame openings/on the frame, add weight hung from the included hanger attachment, or attach to a pulley setup (sold separately) so you can "hang" straight out while sitting in comfort. Does NOT come with adhesive weights.

Skin Safe Silicone: Unlike the cheap toys you may find online made from toxic chemicals, all components are made from the same type of silicone featured in Hollywood special effects makeup.!

Smooth and soft surfaces: No hard points to pinch your skin or press on delicate nerves like compression clamp hangers.

No Blisters: No vacuum cup to cause pain or blistering. 

Strong Grip: Adjustable air pressure allows for a max grip and best fit every time. (Suggested use is to wear as many hours of daily wear as possible for best results.) 

Heavy Duty Construction:  Strong machined and durable frame. 

Tension Over Time:  Designed for the well proven lengthening method found in the industry's best hangers and extender devices.  

Quality Components: Made in the USA. Constructed of heavy duty machined components and medical grade parts, the device is designed for long term PE career use. The modular design can be repaired and upgraded as well, providing more value for your money!

Unique Design: Created by a research and development medical device designer with  over 25 years of PE experience.

Larger Sizing:

The WB is suggested for up to 6 inch (152MM) erect circumference. For those with thinner erect starting girth (5" or less), see the JackHammer. Due to its size and capacity, the WB is not suggested for under clothing (stealth) hanging.


The WB fits the most powerful extender currently available, the Frankenstender.











Frankenstender with WB attached



NOTE:  Air bulb and air line are required to stay attached to the device during operation. 

Product Dimensions

Width of frame: 3 inches (76.2MM)

Height of frame: 2.25 inch (57.15MM)

Opening width: 2 inches (50.8MM)

Device weight with hanger attachment: 10 Ounces