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Air-Lock Lite Clamp

For those who like using more than one clamp during a session, the Lite is probably for you. The Air-Lock Lite features most of the same functionality as the Air-Lock Clamp without the heavy-duty frame base. Designed to work in conjunction with the stronger solid frame Air-Lock Clamp worn at the base or by itself. The Lite provides supplemental pressure on the shaft where you need it to build girth in targeted areas like the glans. Features the same quick disconnect system as its big brother, so the air squeeze bulb can be shared. Not recommended to be worn at the base. Includes only one air bulb if ordering multiple clamps.  Available in Standard (fits up to 5.5" girth) or Large (fits up to 8" girth).

Small Clamp Lite.jpg

Does not come with air bulb.

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