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Air-Lock Clamp

Air-Lock Python Clamp
Python Clamp Overview (EU Edition)

Python Clamp Overview (EU Edition)

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 Air-Lock Python™ Clamp

The first true clamp designed for hobby penis enlargement (PE) work. Gone are the days of hand exercises you can’t master, fussing with padding, not having the right size starting girth, using cable clamps not designed for PE work, trying to maintain erections or poor erection quality, and above all…the frustration of not gaining because you couldn’t figure out how to make clamping work! (Patent Pending)


Simple: The device is designed for ease of use, with a focus on new PE users. Operation is one handed, universal, with a single knob to control pressure. Built strong for repeatable sessions.

Versatile: The device can be used by itself as a standalone clamp, in concert with other Air-Lock clamps (units can be stacked), with your hands, or with a vacuum penis pump to provide amazing internal pressure every session.

Compression Pumping: Traditional vacuum penis pumps deliver slow progress by themselves and often require high vacuum pressures that can cause injury to see results. The Air-Lock Python  increases internal pressure during your pumping sessions while lowering the required vacuum pressure to see results, keeping you safer while increasing session effectiveness. Lower operating vacuum pressure means greatly reduced chances for blisters...!

Skin Safe Silicone: Unlike the cheap toys you may find online made from toxic chemicals, all components are made from the same type of silicone featured in Hollywood special effects makeup.!

Smooth Seal: No hard points to pinch your skin like cable clamps or press on delicate nerves.

Powerful: 2 pressure stages for both new and advanced users. Stage 1 is designed for those new to PE work, providing ample compression power while also yielding when pressure limits reach higher levels reserved for advanced users.  Stage 2 provides a grip strong enough to impress even veterans of the PE community. Combined with a traditional penis air pump, the clamp can deliver amazing levels of clamping force.

NOTE: Install second sleeve on top of first sleeve for stage 2 level clamping pressure. 

Shockloader: Forget hand exercises or cable clamps to shockload (break down) and weaken tissues before your length stretching sessions. The Python squeezes tight from the start to create micro-tears more effectively for the most effective stretching sessions. 

Quality Components: Made in the USA. Constructed of heavy duty machined components and medical grade parts, the device is designed for long term PE career use. The modular design can be repaired and upgraded as well, providing more value for your money!

Unique Design: Created by a research and development medical device designer with  over 25 years of PE experience.

One size fits 99% of men:

The Python fits 3.5 inch (76.2MM) to 7 inch (177.8MM) erect circumferences. 

Item Dimensions

Width of frame: 4 inches (101.6MM)

Height of frame: 1 inch (25.4MM)

Opening width: 2.5 inches (63.5MM)


-Measure your erect girth with a tailor's tape before ordering for proper fit. If it is between 3.5 inch (76.2MM) to 7 inch (177.8MM), you should fit into the device. 



-If you wish to use your vacuum pump, the opening on your vacuum penis pump cylinder flange must fit the clamp opening (2.5"/63.5MM wide) so a proper seal can be created.  


Operation Instructions