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Wrecking Ball 3.0 ADS (All Day Stretcher) with Air-Lock  2 stage feature.   Includes Air-Lock WB frames and body, second stage sleeve, Quick On Kit, hanger attachment, hardware, tools, air bulb assembly. Some assembly required. Large size (6" max flaccid stretched girth).


 3+" overall width, 2.5" tall. Opening is about 1.9" wide. Capacity is suggested 10 lbs maximum (Stage 1), or 20 lbs maximum (Stage 2).


WARNING:  This product is capable of producing high pressure and producing high tension. By the purchase of this device, you are acknowledging you are aware of the risks while using and/or mis-using this product. Remove immediately and restore circulation if numbness, excess cold, tingling, pain, or color change to blue/black is observed. Do NOT use to the point of pain, only soreness is required to see progress. 


Shipping Notice: By purchase, you agree to the shipping requirements. See the international shipping notices on the SHOP page for details. 


Refund/Returns: Due to the nature of the product, refunds or returns are not available.

Wrecking Ball 3.0 (Novelty toy)

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