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Wrecking Ball 3.0 ADS (All Day Stretcher) with Air-Lock  2 stage feature. Attach 2nd sleeve on top of first for stage 2 gripping force.  Includes Air-Lock WB frame,  now 3 sleeves, quick disconnect for vacuum pump (pump not included), hanger attachment, hardware, tools, air bulb assembly. Some assembly required. Large size (6" max flaccid stretched girth).  Connectors shown may vary in appearance.


 3+" overall width, now 2" tall. Opening is about 1.9" wide. Capacity is suggested 10 lbs maximum (Stage 1), or 20 lbs maximum (Stage 2).  Fits APEX and Frankenstender extender models.  


WARNING:  This product is capable of producing high pressure and producing high tension. By the purchase of this device, you are acknowledging you are aware of the risks while using and/or mis-using this product. Remove immediately and restore circulation if numbness, excess cold, tingling, pain, or color change to blue/black is observed. Do NOT use to the point of pain, only soreness is required to see progress. 


Shipping Notice: By purchase, you agree to the shipping requirements. See the international shipping notices on the SHOP page for details. 


Refund/Returns: Due to the hygenic nature of the product, refunds or returns are not available.

Wrecking Ball 3.0 (Novelty toy)

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