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 The SlingShot ™


The concept of the SlingShot arose from the need to regulate the force that men apply while performing manual stretching to increase their length.  The #1 cause for injury while using your hands for PE is the problem of excess force.  Your hands possess the ability to easily cause nerve damage through the uncontrolled level of strength they can generate. So how to keep you from hurting yourself while increasing your length?  I’ve played with many ideas to solve this, including suggesting the use of weight slings and even household shopping bags. The SlingShot is the latest answer to the problem. 

Evenly Applied Force 


The device works by allowing you to control the amount of pulling force you apply during your stretching sessions.  Instead of a wildly varying level of force created by your hands, the SlingShot applies the weight you decide on directly to your grip hand. The result is a stable pulling force that doesn’t threaten to suddenly increase.  


The Best Attachment Method  

Your hands are the ultimate PE device attachment method.  Vacuum cups can cause blisters, nooses can cut off circulation, straps can cut into the skin.  Your hands grip the glans and/or shaft securely, allowing you to hang weight securely with the ability to instantly release if trouble is detected. Circulation is harder to impede with a hand grip versus mechanical attachment methods that can mask impending injury and are not often easy to remove.  


Ease of Use 

Simple operation with no wrapping or tape that takes minutes to attach and fuss with like vacuum cup hangers. Once the initial weight and hanger setup is complete, operation is fast and easy. Insert your member through the soft rubber opening, grip the penis in your preferred method, use your grip to lift the weight from the floor, then gently let your gripping arm go limp.  The weight applied increases at a safe rate, your hand and arm regulating how much of the weight sits on your grip until the entire weight is applied. 

Instant Release 

Unlike other devices that rely on mechanical attachment methods, the SlingShot allows you to instantly release the weight. Compare that ability to the slow process of removing wraps, tape, etc to check if there is a problem.  In some cases, by the time you check the damage may have already been done.   


Standard or Progression Hanger 

Use as a standard weight hanger or progression weight hanger.  Hang with lighter weights for an hour or hang heavier weight for a few minutes to progression hang. Your weight generally decides the amount of time under tension.  


The SlingShot can be used with many other existing PE weight systems and pulley/tug systems, allowing you the ability to sit while stretching for increased comfort. 


Priced at fraction of the cost of many popular hangers, the SlingShot is a significant savings for those on limited PE budgets. 


Because the SlingShot uses your hands to attach the weight, you can safely hang weights simply not possible with vacuum cups or other attachment methods who often have a limit of only 10 lbs…! 

Heavy Duty Construction 

Only quality heavy duty components were used its construction. The SlingShot is constructed of rugged horse bridle grade 10-12 ounce English Chestnut leather.  Light, supple, and strong, the frame can support up to 30 pounds easily. The rubber grip pad is ¼” thick flexible rubber similar to mousepad for solid grip and comfort. The eyelets are designed to support over 50 lbs and the carry hooks are rated for over 30 lbs per hook. All items are sourced from USA sources, not some Chinese knockoffs, so you know the device is built tough.


      Plateau Breaker

The general consensus in the PE community is that only slightly increasing the level of force over time can trigger new gains when progress has stalled. To that end, the process of hanging heavier weights than that used with ADS devices is employed.


 What’s Included ?


-Sling Shot Hanger 

-10 Feet of ¼” hanging rope, 50 lb. capacity 

-Tube of fast dry glue 

Discrete Shipping and Handling 


No one needs to know about your PE work.  Shipping is in discreet plain packaging, with no indication of what’s inside. No embarrassing logos or names to explain on the package and billing info will read, “Major Novelties.” Your customer and purchasing info is NOT kept on file so you maintain your privacy.  



All products sold on this site are for novelty purposes only and are not meant to treat or cure any medical condition. Any information provided should not be considered medical advice nor used as such. The seller does not assume any liability for any damages from use or misuse of their products. Penis enlargement involves risk. Purchase of products indicates the customer understands the risks and agrees it is their responsibility to keep themselves safe and anything they do with said products is done at their own risk. 


*Due to the nature of penis enlargement (PE), for hygienic reasons refunds are not accepted. 

 New for 2021…!!!  

Introducing the SlingShot™ 

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