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          Penis enlargement is real. Very real.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.! There are only 2 types of people in the world.  Those that believe in Penis Enlargement (PE) and those who soon will.  While the vast majority of the public and medical community around the world blindly repeat the mantra, “it doesn’t work”,  each day increasing numbers of men and medical professionals are discovering the reality of PE.  While the odds are poor the urologist you visit will have an encyclopedic knowledge of it, there is a very good chance they have been exposed to the world of PE through medical journals covering extender studies.

Outside of surgery or implants, to date doctors haven’t yet developed safe and efficient girth building techniques or devices.  They are greatly outnumbered, however, by men who have been studying the problem for sometimes decades who have.  Our founder M9 for example is considered one of those men. 

          While the public is for the most part in agreement that PE is a fantasy, science would beg to disagree.  A recent article posted at brings light to what PE enthusiasts and some doctors have known for years.

While this article may seem unrelated to penis enlargement, for those more educated in the ways of enlargement it highlights the specific biological  mechanism that PE users harness to kick-start new growth to occur. This is just one of many recent studies into the amazing ability the human body has for cellular regeneration and growth.

          While the science behind it can span pages, in essence successful penis enlargement entails breaking down the cellular bonds of the penis sheaths and chamber walls by applying stress.  Stress against the erectile chambers and glans or “head” for girth increases or against the ligaments anchoring the penis to the body along with the erectile chambers for length increases.   The most relatable observation of this mechanism for the average person would be during puberty. New skin, nerve, and muscle cells are created in direct response to the sudden and often uneven lengthening of the supporting bones beneath them.  If you still have a stretch mark somewhere from this process, that is constant reminder of the mechanism involved. Another good example is the process of new skin production in women during pregnancy.

          Length gains have been well documented with the various documented medical studies into tractive therapy, while girth creation is a completely different story.  For most men, their first exposure to PE will be the manual exercise known as Jelqing.  Jelqing  (albeit poorly) places stress on the penile chambers and to a lesser extent the ligaments, triggering limited growth of the penile chambers in length and girth.  It is only recently that studies into the medical condition known as Priapism by the PE community have yielded the key to new and continued growth in girth.  Sufficient sustained internal pressure applied evenly by carefully designed manual exercises or devices over spans of minutes to hours was discovered to have the same enlarging effects as Priapism without any of the  negative side effects.  The results of this discovery have been nothing short of amazing.  Gains in girth from the dangerous practice of Jelqing have given way to gains sometimes totaling inches, well documented within the PE community. 

          All these discoveries add up to the possibility of being inches longer or thicker by putting in the time necessary for growth to occur. How much time?  Well, how much time can you spare? PE can come in many forms and can fit most men's schedules.  A student low on funds or worried about a budget?  PE can be free or cost pennies and still be effective.  Worried about others finding your equipment?  PE can be done mostly without devices or with those that are easy to hide and explain. 

PE is real.  Very real.   It’s time to spread the word.!

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