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 All New for 2021…!!! 

Introducing the TNT™ 


The Tilt-N-Tug (TNT) 


The idea of the TNT came from the need to provide strong and smooth pulling force for today’s modern PE hangers, and ADS (all day stretcher) devices. No more having to stand for hours, with a dangerous weight swinging between your legs…! Instead you can sit at your desk or in bed, putting in the hours needed to achieve the length gains you’ve always wanted. The TNT also provides you the ability to fully adjust the angle of your stretch to better maintain your erection angle.  

 Designed for Stealth 


No guy wants his PE equipment discovered and if it is, they don’t want to have to be embarrassed explaining it. The TNT is compact, standing only 22” high while closed, (32" fully extended) and 12" wide to easily fit under a desk. All parts are black to minimize being seen while stowed. The lightweight aluminum frame is designed to resemble a home gym strength training device while not in use in case of discovery by a spouse or roommate.   

*Custom capacities and size can be ordered

Laser Cutting

 Heavy Duty Construction 


The frame is constructed of 6061 high strength aluminum used in the commercial automation industry.  This isn’t paper thin aluminum that bends easily.  The weight carrier is rated up to 200 lbs capacity, with the solid frame able to handle up to 50 lbs on its plate carrier when fully loaded.   

Safer than Free Weights 


If you’ve ever hung weight plates from your hanger and it unexpectedly popped off and the weight landed on your foot, you know what I’m talking about. The weight sits far away from you, only raising inches when tilted.  Should your hanger suddenly fail, the TNT simply drops back onto its caster wheels. Finally, the TNT is designed to yield if you bump your knees under your desk.  


*Weights not included*

Colorful Weights

 Use your own weights  


Do you already have weight plates with a standard 1” inch wide hole?  Save the money buying and shipping weight plates by sliding your own plates onto the high impact ABS plastic weight spindle.  

 Ease of Use  

The TNT is designed for one handed operation, freeing up your other hand to manage your PE devices for easy attachment. Simply either lean forward and attach your device to the TNT’s heavy duty ring or pull/tilt the TNT towards you like the stick on an airplane to attach the device of choice.  


    Shown with MaleHanger




Never lack for pulling power again..! The TNT can easily provide up to 25 Lbs of pulling force for men on progression hanging programs. The force provided is even, dynamic, and there is no lag in pulling force once the TNT is attached to the device of your choice. A solid and evenly applied pull, hour after hour, is key to continued cell division and growth. 



The TNT is designed to fit most PE stretching devices on the market today, including some extenders that feature a hook to hang weights from. Email us to determine if your specific PE device will work with the TNT.   


  Shown with MaleHanger




The 3 heavy duty caster wheels enable you to load and roll the device under a desk or at the foot of your bed with little effort, sparing your back from bending over.  

       Discrete Shipping

and Handling 


No one needs to know about your PE work.  Shipping is in discreet plain packaging, with no indication of what’s inside. No embarrassing logos or names to explain on the package and billing info will read, “Major Novelties.” Your customer and purchasing info is NOT kept on file so you maintain your privacy.  


    Fast setup 


The TNT arrives already partially assembled with tools provided with the package. Assembly and setup takes minutes with the included instructions.  




All products sold on this site are for novelty purposes only and are not meant to treat or cure any medical condition. Any information provided should not be considered medical advice nor used as such. The seller does not assume any liability for any damages from use or misuse of their products. Penis enlargement involves risk. Purchase of products indicates the customer understands the risks and agrees it is their responsibility to keep themselves safe and anything they do with said products is done at their own risk.



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*Due to the nature of penis enlargement (PE), for hygienic reasons refunds are not accepted.

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